Happy women’s day 2018 poster. By Dhinesh ThamiZh

To all the women in this world I wish you all a very happy woman’s day. The very theme of this poster is : women’s care is like they protect this world as if it is their womb, to give birth for every single human in the world, at end of the day you will always seek a woman’s hand to pull yourself up or sometimes protect you in toughest situations. I love you all mothers, sisters, grandparents and cousins. Happy women’s day to all of you


Chasing in the live track, lil thought of every person doing irrelevent job -Dhinesh kumar

They say we are the pillars of our nation.

Lost nearly all our hopes and started doing something, which we are not born for. we people do anything to make money, we stop to dream when money comes into the play. Our steam is big, no its BIG, only in movies and dramas people follow their dream and became successfull. When it comes to love earth very few making their dream real.

I too dream everyday, my dreams are jus washin away

Still we are fighting within ourselves to come up in love, no matter what we do. Living in the world where we are meant to be a puppet of this society. Someday the true cry will come out, you cannot feed that cry with your money. It will breakout loud enough to make the future so called pillar’s dream come true.

Still dreaming, like APJ and SWAMY said.