Aquifi Changes The Computing Interface With A Wave Of The Hand

Hand computing


After three years in stealth mode, the magicians behind the motion capture technology that powers Microsoft’s Kinect, are launching Aquifi, the next step in their development of motion capture technology.

With backing from Benchmark Capital, one of Silicon Valley’s top tier venture capital firms, and a host of heavy-hitting individual investors, Palo Alto, Calif.-based Aquifi has spent the past three years developing software that uses commodity sensor equipment — like the cameras and video components in smart phones and tablets — to recognize and interpret gestures so that users can have touchless interactions with their devices.

Think of it like the technology in Minority Report or Iron Man .

“Gesture control is inflexible because it uses custom hardware and custom sensors. Because these things are customized they are very high cost [and] the interface is focused on the machine rather than the user,” says Nazim Kareemi, Aquifi’s chief…

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